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    2. Green areas and buildings along the canal side    

          The Freedom Monument is surrounded by green areas along the canal (created in 1857 – 1963 after the Riga fortification ramparts were pulled-down), as well as by the buildings on Basteja, Aspazijas and Raiņa Boulevards. Several significant buildings are located in this area. To the southeast of the Freedom Monument, Opera and Ballet House, namely, the former German theatre of Riga, can be seen. It was built between 1860 – 1863 according to a design by Ludwig Bonstet (1822 - 1885) in the place of a former part of Riga fortification system – the Pancake Bastion. The Opera Theatre is a building in Hellenised classicism style that is decorated by a portico of lonic columns and a group of allegoric figures (Apolon, symbols of tragedies and comedies, dramatic genius etc.) on its most magnificent facade in the northeastern part.


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