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           6. The Great Guild           

             The spectacular building of the Great Guild (at present: concert hall) towers at the corner of Meistaru and Amatu ielas. The building merited the present volume and exterior in 1853 – 1859 when the old two-floor building of the merchants’ guild was radically rebuilt. The building was reconstructed according to a design of Kārlis Beine (1815 - 1858), an architect from St. Petersburg, run by his colleague Heinrihs Šēls (1829 - 1909), an inhabitant of Riga. During the reconstruction of the building's Munster Room (beginning of the 14th century), the Chamber of the Bride (attached in 1512) and basement rooms were preserved. It is presumed that the basement up to nowadays has at least partly survived from the end of the 12th century or the beginning of the 13th century (the columns in Romanesque style and walls built from dolomite squares in thickness of 1.2m denote about this fact). Outstanding artistic value is shown in the interior decoration of the Munster Room (14th century/ 19th century) and the Chamber of the Bride (16th century/ 19th century), and by the fireplace formed in mannerism style (1633), musicians’ loge (1646) and two ceiling lanterns of brass (1649 and 1699).


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