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           9. A settlement of German settlers            

          In the area of the Guilds begins the territory, which Bishop Albert acquired from local Livonians in 1200 and where a year later a settlement of German settlers began. The territory in the north-eastern part was adjacent to the Riga Lake, but in the direction of the southwest its border in a regular semicircle stretched along the present Zirgu - Rozena - Daugavas - Grēcinieku and Jāņa ielas. In this small area (approximately 5 ha) there was a place for the bishop’s first yard, a castle fr the Order of the Knights of the Sword with St. George Chapel, for property of dome chapter of priests and for the first Dome Cathedral was found. In 1210 after an attack by the Cours, the extension of the city began. Thus in 1211 a foundation stone of the present Riga Dome was laid outside the territory of the first German settlement, and soon near this territory between the present Herder Square and Miesnieku iela a new bishop’s residence was built.


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