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          Alsunga (30 km west of Kuldīga) is popular in Latvia due to the fact that its people, known as Suiti, have preserved their colourful, unique ethnographic traditions. These include folk costumes, musical instruments and customs which have become known to many people in Latvia as well as foreign visitors in the form of impressive ethnographic wedding rituals.
          Tourists usually visit Alsunga to see the Order castle, which was built before 1341 and expanded with two defensive towers in the late 15th - early 16th centuries. From 1573 to 1728 it belonged to the von Schwerin family. When he returned to Alsunga in 1623 after visiting the Polish court, Johann Ulrich von Schwerin began reconverting the town’s Lutheran inhabitants to Catholicism, involving Jesuits in the missionary work. To this day Alsunga has a strong Catholic community which holds services in St. Michael’s church (built in the 17th century, rebuilt in 1882).
          Between the Order castle and the church is a 2 m thick  archaeological layer.


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