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          Renda is located in the northeast of Kuldīga District near the boundary with Talsi and Ventspils districts. During the time of Duke Jēkabs (17th century) grapes were grown at Renda Manor to make the bitter Renda wine for the Jelgava court. The main grape varieties were imported from the Rhine valley.
         After seeing Renda Church (1786) visitors usually make their way to the Renda Waterfall. This is formed by two waterfalls on the Īvande River: the upper (7.7 m high and 5 m wide) near Valdāti farm and the lower (respectively 2 m and 9 m) in the centre of Renda.
         Another interesting natural object can be found 7 km from Renda in the direction of Riga – red sandstone caves called the Chambers of Māra.


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