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          Skrunda (an inhabited site on the left bank of the Venta, 35 km from Kuldīga) was first mentioned in historic records in 1253. In 1368 the Livonian Order built the Skrunda Castle there, which later disappeared without trace. There is historical evidence that there were several factories here in the 17th century (a glassworks, powder mill, nail, cannon and firearm workshops), while later the mail route from Riga to Klaipeda went through Skrunda, and a mail station with 32 horses was a fixture there until the early 19th century.
          Eduards Eihvalds (1795-1876), later a world famous paleontologist and biologist and a corresponding member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Science, worked as a doctor in Skrunda from 1819 to 1821.


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