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          Valtaiķi Evangelical Lutheran Church (43 km from Kuldīga near the Aizpute- Skrunda road) was built in 1792 and is home to Latvia’s most famous stained glass panels. There are 15 panels in total, manufactured in the early 20th century in Italy as a special order from the owner of Kazdanga Castle Baron Karl von Manteifel-Szöge, who made a gift of them to the Valtaiķi congregation. The stained glass panels depict chivalrous virtues and scenes from the New Testament. At the same time they also depict the history of the von Manteifel dynasty through symbols and dates.
          The church’s altar painting "Golgotha" (1833) also has artistic significance. Its author was the Kurzeme native Johans Lēberehts Eginks (1784-1864), the illegitimate offspring of the German lord Frederick von Knigge and Latvian peasant woman Lavīze Brīviņa. Despite great difficulties, he educated himself and became the first Latvian to be granted an academic degree in painting.


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