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          Cīrava (an inhabited site 49 km from Liepāja, 15 km from Aizpute) is noted for its Manor and Lutheran Church ensemble, located in a well tended dendrological park on the left bank of the Durbe River. The manor house (built around 1780) gained its present appearance after 1875, when two towers and two side risalits were added to its main wing. Gothic forms are used in the exterior finishing.
          The Cīrava Evangelical Lutheran Church is notable mainly for its interior, with experts asserting that the Rococo styling used in its finishing is the most developed and refined of anywhere in the region. Everything points to the stylistic completeness of the altar retable: the theatrically gracious poses of the saints, the transparency of the rokaja motifs, the curved step curlicues, and the fact that the baldachin has "broken away" from the altar retable and rests on separate standing columns. The clear similarity with the altar retable in the Liepāja Holy Trinity Church suggests that the author of the Cīrava woodworks may also have been Jozefs Slavičeks.


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