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           Embūte is located in the highest part of the Western Kurzeme highland to the north and east of Krievu Hill (184 m above sea level). The beautiful hill landscape around Embūte is enhanced by forests, river valleys and lakes (the largest of which are Sēpene and Briņķi).
           An ancient Kurši castle once stood at Embūte, and in the 13th century the Bishop of Kursa built his castle near this site. These castles are the subject of a romantic legend about the love between the Kurši Chieftain Indulis and the daughter of the German comture, Ārija.  The great Latvian poet Rainis (1865-1929) based the tragedy "Indulis and Ārija", which has been called the Latvian "Romeo and Juliet" on this legend.
          Visitors come every season to Embūte to see the site of the ancient Kurši castle, the 26 m high Indulis Hill Fortress and the Devil’s Dam mentioned in the legend. For its part, the Embūte Bishop’s Castle has gained prominence as one of the few hill-type castles in Latvia. Unfortunately, only fragments of ruins have survived up to the present.


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