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          The town of Priekule (43 km southwest of Liepāja) was destroyed during World War II and was virtually rebuilt from scratch in the post war years. However, it has preserved an interesting reminder of more ancient times – the Priekule Castle Watchtower (1688). Its bay-type towers on formidable columns, massive stone blocks and the threatening mask above the gate arch give it the feel of an impregnable fortress, although the fortress itself is unfortunately no more.
          Priekule is linked with a sensational event that occurred around 1670. Supported by Baron von Korf, the Priekule Castle blacksmith prepared a flying machine in which he soared into the air and circled around the castle three times before being blown by the wind toward Embūte. For this satanic attempt to "conquer the sky" the blacksmith was tortured as a wizard and burned at the stake as an accomplice of the Devil.


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