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           Ezere is an inhabited site on the border between Latvia and Lithuania, 36 km no Saldus. It is set on land bequeathed by the last Master of the Order Gothards Ketlers to his nephew as the Order state collapsed. The Ezere Manor was extensively rebuilt in the 19th century. The Empire style farm buildings are notable for their purity of style, with triumphal arch motifs and Doric columns used expansively in their external finishing. The Ezere Landscape Park is rich with exotic plant species. The park includes a 4 m high post-like field stone called the Great Stone which, according to local legends, it took ten years to roll to Ezere.

          As World War II neared its end, the act of surrender of German army units trapped in the so-called “Kurzeme cauldron” was signed in Ezere on May 8, 1945.


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