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          In 1528 Order Master Walter von Pletenberg bequeathed Stendesmuiža (6 km south of Talsi, on the banks of the Stende River) to Philip von der Brigen, who enjoyed special favour from the Livonian Order. Stendesmuiža remained the property of the Brigen family until 1920. The manor’s old, 16th century dwelling house and 18th-19th century centre (the new dwelling house, wheel house and stables in Classicist style) are architectural monuments, while the well-tended park (18 ha) is a natural protection object. Since 1922 Stendesmuiža has housed the Stende Selection and Trial Station.
          The building work and finishing of Stende Lutheran Church (first half of the 18th century) were performed by craftsmen and artists invited from Konigsberg.


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