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           Driving along the Daugavpils-Riga highway, a majestic building on the left-hand side of the highway can be seen from afar. This is the Līksna Church of the Sacred Heart (22 km from Daugavpils), built from 1909 to 1912 at a time when the later Archbishop of Riga and metropolitan of the church’s Riga Province Antons Springovičs was serving as the local parish priest. With expansive utilization of traditional three-hall composition and Gothic decorative, Līksna can boast one of the most impressive Historicist sacral buildings in Latvia. Visitors to the church from near and far are awed by the purity of the style of the interior finishing. The care taken in completing this grandiose structure can be felt everywhere: all of the church’s fixtures – the altar, pulpit, organ loft, the worshipper’s pews, and even the confessionals fashioned recently - have been given Gothic decorative forms.

          Līksna is known in Latvia for its outstanding choir culture, and as the birthplace of several prominent activists in the Latgale ethnic revival movement (Kazimirs (1872 - 1919), Antons (1881 - 1918) and Benedikts (1868 - ?) Skrinda.


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