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          Anyone who braves the relatively difficult dirt road to reach Indrica will be rewarded with unforgettable impressions of a remote but beautifully unspoiled place near the outflow of the Indrica River into the Daugava (about 20 km east of Krāslava). On the steep bank of the river, embraced by slim larches, stands a miniature pearl of late 17th century sacral architecture – the Indrica John the Baptist Catholic Church. This is one of the oldest Catholic churches in Latgale still in existence. This rare, pretty, intimate country house of worship was built by local craftsmen with funds donated by Count Plater. The church is formed as a single-tower, quasi basilica (the structure’s miniscule side spaces are purely rudimentary), and its layout clearly reveals its builders’ desire to follow the example of classic monumental architecture in spite of the scarce available resources.
          The wood cuttings of the central altar were made by masters of the so-called Stelmuže wood sculptors’ school, who were self taught. The presence of unfeigned naivety in the reproductions of Baroque forms and motifs make their achievement unique. In stark contrast to the woodcuttings is the painting "St. Mary Magdalene" (third quarter of the 18th century) on the upper right side of the altar. This is a true masterpiece of professional Rococo painting.


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