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           Piedruja is a town on the right bank of the Daugava, 27 km east of Krāslava. It is sited opposite the left bank town Druja, which is in the territory of Belarus. In the 17th century both of these towns comprised the private town of Sapežina (Druja) belonging to the Lithuanian Grand Duchy Magnate Sapegas. The present Piedruja was the portion on the right bank the so-called "town over the river". It served Sapegas and simultaneously the people of Druja and the surrounding area as a supporting base for maintaining commercial ties with neighbouring Trans Daugava districts.
          The Piedruja Catholic Parish Church, consecrated in 1774 with the title "Ascension of the Virgin Mary into Heaven", is a valuable Rococo artistic monument. The building has a stately, gracious body and a respectable façade which is lavishly decorated with various Rococo details (dominated by the playful interaction of inwardly and outwardly bending lines). The core of the church is a single-space congregation space, abutted on the eastern side by a presbytery with a hemispheric apse, and on the western side by a fore space with a gallery above it. The large altar painted on the apse wall (end of the third quarter of the 18th century) is an example of phantasmagoric art rarely found in Latgalian or Latvian sacral art generally.


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