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          The township of Zilupe (31 km east of Ludza and 3 km from the border with Russia) came into being following the building of the Zilupe Station on the Ventspils – Moscow railway line in 1900. In 1913 it was given a town charter. While Zilupe itself does not have any interesting natural objects or architectural monuments, visitors may be attracted by a miniature building in the local cemetery. This is the Saveļinki crypt, built around 1700, which houses a whole collection of museum-value assets. It is possible that this structure is only the altar room of a larger church that is no more, with a polygon apse and a small antechamber and a church tower built on later. The interior fixtures of the crypt – three altars decorated with wood carvings, a confessional and several paintings – are original works of art with both Mannerist and Baroque style elements.


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