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          One of the most popular recreation spots near Rēzekne is beautiful Lake Adamova with many bays and eight islands (about 5 km north of the city). The lake’s territory is covered by environmental protection restrictions.
           Local people remember fantastic memories of the former owner of Adamova Manor, Helēna Karaulova, and her capable, successful commercial activities. The lady of the manor apparently discovered radioactive mineral water on the lake shores whose therapeutic properties were confirmed by analyses at several Western laboratories. The mineral water was named St. Helen’s Crystal Water and won awards at international exhibitions in London and Paris. N 1913 over 100 000 bottles of “crystal water” were exported every month. Lectures on the drink were given at universities in Germany and in the Caucuses Adamova’s miracle water displaced local products.
          Nearby Skūri Hill (214 m above sea level) offers pleasant views of the surrounding area. On a clear day Ludza, Mākoņkalns and of course the shimmering blue of the many surrounding lakes can be seen from here.


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