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          Feimaņi (a small town on the shores of a lake of the same name 32 km south of Rēzekne) attracts art lovers with an important monument of Latgalian sacral architecture – the local Catholic parish St. John the Baptist Church. This small, two towered wooden church consecrated in 1760 has a quasi-basilica structure. As with many Eastern European churches, the effect of separating the congregation space and the presbytery is achieved through the use of different widths for the spaces (Latgale is the furthest point northeastern where such church layouts are found).
          The seemingly undistinguished Feimaņi house of worship is home to a wealth of sculptural and applied art works. The finishing of all three altars, the group of wooden sculptures above the triumphal arch and the Rococo organ backcloth (third quarter 18th century) are all masterfully done. There is also a collection of paintings from the first half of the 19th century ("St. Andrew", "St. Peter", "St. Bartholomew" and others). However, the crystal chandeliers are particularly unique and made using a highly original technique, and have no surviving equals in Latvia’s sacral art.
          Pottery artisans have always been highly esteemed in Feimaņi and its vicinity. Those who are interested in this sphere of folk art which is extremely popular in Latgale are advised to visit nearby Silajāņi where outstanding works by folk masters can be seen.


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