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           One of Latgale’s highest foothills Mākoņkalns (Cloud Hill) or Padebešu kalns (Under-the-sky Hill) (its absolute height is 248 m, and its relative height is approximately 55 m) rises on the southern shores of Lake Rāzna. Long ago the famous Volkenberga Castle, built in 1236, was located here. According to a legend, after the death of the ruler of Volkenberga Castle and his wife the lands of the castle were divided between their three daughters - Roze, Lūcija and Marija. Each of them built a castle on the land she received: Roze in Rēzekne (Rositten), Lūcija in Ludza (Lucin) and Marija in Viļaka (Marienhaus). But the once mighty Volkenberga Castle gradually fell into ruin after the daughters left it.  Only fragments of the defensive walls and caved in underground passages can be found today.


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