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           Puša is a small village on the shores of the lake of the same name (35 km south of Rēzekne). Old burial sites, the two Puša hill fortresses and the fortified settlement site on nearby Pīrāgi Hill prove that this site was inhabited in very ancient times.
          In the mid 18th century Puša began to form as an important centre of religious life. In 1743 the Jesuits founded a missionary post here independent of the Daugavpils College. When this college was closed in the early 19th century in connection with the construction of the fortress, the novice school was moved to Puša from (it was the residence of candidates to enter monastic orders). A memento of this period is the Puša Catholic parish’s Holy Trinity Church (mid 18th century). Several interior objects in this single-tower quasi basilica – the large altar, two side altars etc. – have survived from the time of the church’s construction.


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